Welcome to the TangoCraft Store!

As an online community, TangoWorldWide runs 100% off of donations. We appreciate each donation that comes in large or small that helps us sustain financial stability, as well as empower us to grow. TangoWorldWide feels that donators should be able to receive perks for their generous donations to our community, and we've developed various perks, benefits, and features that you can receive for your payments to our network. On this site are packages that are either general perks, server based, or global packages which will allow you to gain benefits for the money you donate to us.

If you bought a rank, such as Champion, and want to upgrade to Titan, you do not have to pay full price. You simply pay the difference between the two ranks. It should show up automatically. If it does not, contact either balon or aPn (below), or Stefan.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you enter the correct Minecraft username and are logged into the server or else you may not receive your purchase.
  2. TangoWorldWide's COCPE prohibits charging back for any reason and we cannot provide refunds. If you believe a chargeback or refund is neccessary, we strongly encourage emailing balon. In the event of a chargeback, you will be permanently banned from the TangoWorldWide network with no chance of appeal.
  3. No one in TangoWorldWide is paid. All of the proceeds raised from donations, whether it be Minecraft or CS:GO, go directly into the server infrastructure and community itself.

We are currently only accepting Paypal and Buycraft Gift Cards, issued by TangoWorldWide. If you have another form of payment, feel free to reach out to balon (email above) or aPn.

TangoWorldWide is NOT affiliated in anyway with Minecraft, Mojang, or Mojang AB. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang AB. TangoWorldWide is a subsidiary of the registered LLC, TangoNetworksLLC.